Summary of the paper

Title Romanian TimeBank: An Annotated Parallel Corpus for Temporal Information
Authors Corina Forascu and Dan Tufiș
Abstract The paper describes the main steps for the construction, annotation and validation of the Romanian version of the TimeBank corpus. Starting from the English TimeBank corpus ― the reference annotated corpus in the temporal domain, we have translated all the 183 English news texts into Romanian and mapped the English annotations onto Romanian, with a success rate of 96.53%. Based on ISO-Time - the emerging standard for representing temporal information, which includes many of the previous annotations schemes -, we have evaluated the automatic transfer onto Romanian and, and, when necessary, corrected the Romanian annotations so that in the end we obtained a 99.18% transfer rate for the TimeML annotations. In very few cases, due to language peculiarities, some original annotations could not be transferred. For the portability of the temporal annotation standard to Romanian, we suggested some additions for the ISO-Time standard, concerning especially the EVENT tag, based on linguistic evidence, the Romanian grammar, and also on the localisations of TimeML to other Romance languages. Future improvements to the Ro-TimeBank will take into consideration all temporal expressions, signals and events in texts, even those with a not very clear temporal anchoring.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Standards for LRs, LR national/international projects, organizational/policy issues
Full paper Romanian TimeBank: An Annotated Parallel Corpus for Temporal Information
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