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Title W-PhAMT: A web tool for phonetic multilevel timeline visualization
Authors Francesco Cutugno, Vincenza Anna Leano and Antonio Origlia
Abstract This paper presents a web platform with an its own graphic environment to visualize and filter multilevel phonetic annotations. The tool accepts as input Annotation Graph XML and Praat TextGrids files and converts these files into a specific XML format. XML output is used to browse data by means of a web tool using a visualization metaphor, namely a timeline. A timeline is a graphical representation of a period of time, on which relevant events are marked. Events are usually distributed over many layers in a geometrical metaphor represented by segments and points spatially distributed with reference to a temporal axis. The tool shows all the annotations included in the uploaded dataset, allowing the listening of the entire file or of its parts. Filtering is allowed on annotation labels by means of string pattern matching. The web service includes cloud services to share data with other users. The tool is available at
Topics Knowledge Discovery/Representation, Speech resource/database, Tools, systems, applications
Full paper W-PhAMT: A web tool for phonetic multilevel timeline visualization
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