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Title Adapting and evaluating a generic term extraction tool
Authors Anita Gojun, Ulrich Heid, Bernd Weißbach, Carola Loth and Insa Mingers
Abstract We present techniques for monolingual term candidate extraction which are being developed in the EU project TTC. We designed an application for German and English data that serves as a first evaluation of the methods for terminology extraction used in the project. The application situation highlighted the need for tools to handle lemmatization errors and to remove incomplete word sequences from multi-word term candidate lists, as well as the fact that the provision of German citation forms requires more morphological knowledge than TTC's slim approach can provide. We show a detailed evaluation of our extraction results and discuss the method for the evaluation of terminology extraction systems.
Topics Lexicon, lexical database, Tools, systems, applications, Evaluation methodologies
Full paper Adapting and evaluating a generic term extraction tool
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