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Title A Parallel Corpus of Music and Lyrics Annotated with Emotions
Authors Carlo Strapparava, Rada Mihalcea and Alberto Battocchi
Abstract In this paper, we introduce a novel parallel corpus of music and lyrics, annotated with emotions at line level. We first describe the corpus, consisting of 100 popular songs, each of them including a music component, provided in the MIDI format, as well as a lyrics component, made available as raw text. We then describe our work on enhancing this corpus with emotion annotations using crowdsourcing. We also present some initial experiments on emotion classification using the music and the lyrics representations of the songs, which lead to encouraging results, thus demonstrating the promise of using joint music-lyric models for song processing.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Emotion Recognition/Generation, Multimedia Document Processing
Full paper A Parallel Corpus of Music and Lyrics Annotated with Emotions
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