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Title Building Text-To-Speech Voices in the Cloud
Authors Alistair Conkie, Thomas Okken, Yeon-Jun Kim and Giuseppe Di Fabbrizio
Abstract The AT&T VoiceBuilder provides a new tool to researchers and practitioners who want to have their voices synthesized by a high-quality commercial-grade text-to-speech system without the need to install, configure, or manage speech processing software and equipment.It is implemented as a web service on the AT&T Speech Mashup Portal.The system records and validates users' utterances, processes them to build a synthetic voice and provides a web service API to make the voice available to real-time applications through a scalable cloud-based processing platform. All the procedures are automated to avoid human intervention. We present experimental comparisons of voices built using the system.
Topics Speech resource/database, Web Services, Speech Synthesis
Full paper Building Text-To-Speech Voices in the Cloud
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