Summary of the paper

Title Lemmatising Serbian as Category Tagging with Bidirectional Sequence Classification
Authors Andrea Gesmundo and Tanja Samardzic
Abstract We present a novel tool for morphological analysis of Serbian, which is a low-resource language with rich morphology. Our tool produces lemmatisation and morphological analysis reaching accuracy that is considerably higher compared to the existing alternative tools: 83.6% relative error reduction on lemmatisation and 8.1% relative error reduction on morphological analysis. The system is trained on a small manually annotated corpus with an approach based on Bidirectional Sequence Classification and Guided Learning techniques, which have recently been adapted with success to a broad set of NLP tagging tasks. In the system presented in this paper, this general approach to tagging is applied to the lemmatisation task for the first time thanks to our novel formulation of lemmatisation as a category tagging task. We show that learning lemmatisation rules from annotated corpus and integrating the context information in the process of morphological analysis provides a state-of-the-art performance despite the lack of resources. The proposed system can be used via a web GUI that deploys its best scoring configuration
Topics Statistical and machine learning methods, Tools, systems, applications, Part of speech tagging
Full paper Lemmatising Serbian as Category Tagging with Bidirectional Sequence Classification
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