Summary of the paper

Title Irregularity Detection in Categorized Document Corpora
Authors Borut Sluban, Senja Pollak, Roel Coesemans and Nada Lavrac
Abstract The paper presents an approach to extract irregularities in document corpora, where the documents originate from different sources and the analyst's interest is to find documents which are atypical for the given source. The main contribution of the paper is a voting-based approach to irregularity detection and its evaluation on a collection of newspaper articles from two sources: Western (UK and US) and local (Kenyan) media. The evaluation of a domain expert proves that the method is very effective in uncovering interesting irregularities in categorized document corpora.
Topics Knowledge Discovery/Representation, Statistical and machine learning methods, Text mining
Full paper Irregularity Detection in Categorized Document Corpora
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