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Title The SYNC3 Collaborative Annotation Tool
Authors Georgios Petasis
Abstract The huge amount of the available information in the Web creates the need of effective information extraction systems that are able to produce metadata that satisfy user's information needs. The development of such systems, in the majority of cases, depends on the availability of an appropriately annotated corpus in order to learn or evaluate extraction models. The production of such corpora can be significantly facilitated by annotation tools, that provide user-friendly facilities and enable annotators to annotate documents according to a predefined annotation schema. However, the construction of annotation tools that operate in a distributed environment is a challenging task: the majority of these tools are implemented as Web applications, having to cope with the capabilities offered by browsers. This paper describes the SYNC3 collaborative annotation tool, which implements an alternative architecture: it remains a desktop application, fully exploiting the advantages of desktop applications, but provides collaborative annotation through the use of a centralised server for storing both the documents and their metadata, and instance messaging protocols for communicating events among all annotators. The annotation tool is implemented as a component of the Ellogon language engineering platform, exploiting its extensive annotation engine, its cross-platform abilities and its linguistic processing components, if such a need arises. Finally, the SYNC3 annotation tool is distributed with an open source license, as part of the Ellogon platform.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), LR Infrastructures and Architectures, Tools, systems, applications
Full paper The SYNC3 Collaborative Annotation Tool
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