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Title From medical language processing to BioNLP domain
Authors Gabriella Pardelli, Manuela Sassi, Sara Goggi and Stefania Biagioni
Abstract This paper presents the results of a terminological work on a reference corpus in the domain of Biomedicine. In particular, the research tends to analyse the use of certain terms in Biomedicine in order to verify their change over the time with the aim of retrieving from the net the very essence of documentation. The terminological sample contains words used in BioNLP and biomedicine and identifies which terms are passing from scientific publications to the daily press and which are rather reserved to scientific production. The final scope of this work is to determine how scientific dissemination to an ever larger part of the society enables a public of common citizens to approach communication on biomedical research and development; and its main source is a reference corpus made up of three main repositories from which information related to BioNLP and Biomedicine is extracted. The paper is divided in three sections: 1) an introduction dedicated to data extracted from scientific documentation; 2) the second section devoted to methodology and data description; 3) the third part containing a statistical representation of terms extracted from the archive: indexes and concordances allow to reflect on the use of certain terms in this field and give possible keys for having access to the extraction of knowledge in the digital era.
Topics Information Extraction, Information Retrieval, Text mining, Digital libraries
Full paper From medical language processing to BioNLP domain
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