Summary of the paper

Title Building and Exploring Semantic Equivalences Resources
Authors Gracinda Carvalho, David Martins de Matos and Vitor Rocio
Abstract Language resources that include semantic equivalences at word level are common, and its usefulness is well established in text processing applications, as in the case of search. Named entities also play an important role for text based applications, but are not usually covered by the previously mentioned resources. The present work describes the WES base, Wikipedia Entity Synonym base, a freely available resource based on the Wikipedia. The WES base was built for the Portuguese Language, with the same format of another freely available thesaurus for the same language, the TeP base, which allows integration of equivalences both at word level and entity level. The resource has been built in a language independent way, so that it can be extended to different languages. The WES base was used in a Question Answering system, enhancing significantly its performance.
Topics Information Extraction, Information Retrieval, Question Answering, Semantics
Full paper Building and Exploring Semantic Equivalences Resources
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