Summary of the paper

Title The CONCISUS Corpus of Event Summaries
Authors Horacio Saggion and Sandra Szasz
Abstract Text summarization and information extraction systems require adaptation to new domains and languages. This adaptation usually depends on the availability of language resources such as corpora. In this paper we present a comparable corpus in Spanish and English for the study of cross-lingual information extraction and summarization: the CONCISUS Corpus. It is a rich human-annotated dataset composed of comparable event summaries in Spanish and English covering four different domains: aviation accidents, rail accidents, earthquakes, and terrorist attacks. In addition to the monolingual summaries in English and Spanish, we provide automatic translations and ``comparable'' full event reports of the events. The human annotations are concepts marked in the textual sources representing the key event information associated to the event type. The dataset has also been annotated using text processing pipelines. It is being made freely available to the research community for research purposes.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Information Extraction, Information Retrieval, Multilinguality
Full paper The CONCISUS Corpus of Event Summaries
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