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Title ANALEC: a New Tool for the Dynamic Annotation of Textual Data
Authors Frederic Landragin, Thierry Poibeau and Bernard Victorri
Abstract We introduce ANALEC, a tool which aim is to bring together corpus annotation, visualization and query management. Our main idea is to provide a unified and dynamic way of annotating textual data. ANALEC allows researchers to dynamically build their own annotation scheme and use the possibilities of scheme revision, data querying and graphical visualization during the annotation process. Each query result can be visualized using a graphical representation that puts forward a set of annotations that can be directly corrected or completed. Text annotation is then considered as a cyclic process. We show that statistics like frequencies and correlations make it possible to verify annotated data on the fly during the annotation. In this paper we introduce the annotation functionalities of ANALEC, some of the annotated data visualization functionalities, and three statistical modules: frequency, correlation and geometrical representations. Some examples dealing with reference and coreference annotation illustrate the main contributions of ANALEC.
Topics Tools, systems, applications, Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Discourse annotation, representation and processing
Full paper ANALEC: a New Tool for the Dynamic Annotation of Textual Data
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