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Title Holaaa!! writin like u talk is kewl but kinda hard 4 NLP
Authors Maite Melero, Marta R. Costa-Jussà, Judith Domingo, Montse Marquina and Martí Quixal
Abstract We present work in progress aiming to build tools for the normalization of User-Generated Content (UGC). As we will see, the task requires the revisiting of the initial steps of NLP processing, since UGC (micro-blog, blog, and, generally, Web 2.0 user texts) presents a number of non-standard communicative and linguistic characteristics, and is in fact much closer to oral and colloquial language than to edited text. We present and characterize a corpus of UGC text in Spanish from three different sources: Twitter, consumer reviews and blogs. We motivate the need for UGC text normalization by analyzing the problems found when processing this type of text through a conventional language processing pipeline, particularly in the tasks of lemmatization and morphosyntactic tagging, and finally we propose a strategy for automatically normalizing UGC using a selector of correct forms on top of a pre-existing spell-checker.
Topics Semantic Web, Tools, systems, applications, Authoring tools, proofing
Full paper Holaaa!! writin like u talk is kewl but kinda hard 4 NLP
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