Summary of the paper

Title Annotation Facilities for the Reliable Analysis of Human Motion
Authors Michael Kipp
Abstract Human motion is challenging to analyze due to the many degrees of freedom of the human body. While the qualitative analysis of human motion lies at the core of many research fields, including multimodal communication, it is still hard to achieve reliable results when human coders transcribe motion with abstract categories. In this paper we tackle this problem in two respects. First, we provide facilities for qualitative and quantitative comparison of annotations. Second, we provide facilities for exploring highly precise recordings of human motion (motion capture) using a low-cost consumer device (Kinect). We present visualization and analysis methods, integrated in the existing ANVIL video annotation tool (Kipp 2001), and provide both a precision analysis and a """"cookbook"""" for Kinect-based motion analysis.
Topics Tools, systems, applications, Discourse annotation, representation and processing
Full paper Annotation Facilities for the Reliable Analysis of Human Motion
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