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Title Standardizing a Component Metadata Infrastructure
Authors Daan Broeder, Dieter van Uytvanck, Maria Gavrilidou, Thorsten Trippel and Menzo Windhouwer
Abstract This paper describes the status of the standardization efforts of a Component Metadata approach for describing Language Resources with metadata. Different linguistic and Language & Technology communities as CLARIN, META-SHARE and NaLiDa use this component approach and see its standardization of as a matter for cooperation that has the possibility to create a large interoperable domain of joint metadata. Starting with an overview of the component metadata approach together with the related semantic interoperability tools and services as the ISOcat data category registry and the relation registry we explain the standardization plan and efforts for component metadata within ISO TC37/SC4. Finally, we present information about uptake and plans of the use of component metadata within the three mentioned linguistic and L&T communities.
Topics Metadata, Standards for LRs, LR Infrastructures and Architectures
Full paper Standardizing a Component Metadata Infrastructure
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