Summary of the paper

Title Design and compilation of a specialized Spanish-German parallel corpus
Authors Carla Parra Escartín
Abstract This paper discusses the design and compilation of the TRIS corpus, a specialized parallel corpus of Spanish and German texts. It will be used for phraseological research aimed at improving statistical machine translation. The corpus is based on the European database of Technical Regulations Information System (TRIS), containing 995 original documents written in German and Spanish and their translations into Spanish and German respectively. This parallel corpus is under development and the first version with 97 aligned file pairs was released in the first META-NORD upload of metadata and resources in November 2011. The second version of the corpus, described in the current paper, contains 205 file pairs which have been completely aligned at sentence level, which account for approximately 1,563,000 words and 70,648 aligned sentence pairs.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Standards for LRs
Full paper Design and compilation of a specialized Spanish-German parallel corpus
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