Summary of the paper

Title DBpedia: A Multilingual Cross-domain Knowledge Base
Authors Pablo Mendes, Max Jakob and Christian Bizer
Abstract The DBpedia project extracts structured information from Wikipedia editions in 97 different languages and combines this information into a large multi-lingual knowledge base covering many specific domains and general world knowledge. The knowledge base contains textual descriptions (titles and abstracts) of concepts in up to 97 languages. It also contains structured knowledge that has been extracted from the infobox systems of Wikipedias in 15 different languages and is mapped onto a single consistent ontology by a community effort. The knowledge base can be queried using the SPARQL query language and all its data sets are freely available for download. In this paper, we describe the general DBpedia knowledge base and as well as the DBpedia data sets that specifically aim at supporting computational linguistics tasks. These task include Entity Linking, Word Sense Disambiguation, Question Answering, Slot Filling and Relationship Extraction. These use cases are outlined, pointing at added value that the structured data of DBpedia provides.
Topics Semantic Web, Ontologies, Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.)
Full paper DBpedia: A Multilingual Cross-domain Knowledge Base
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