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Title A Search Tool for FrameNet Constructicon
Authors Hiroaki Sato
Abstract The Berkeley FrameNet Project (BFN, created descriptions of 73 “non-core” grammatical constructions, annotation of 50 of these constructions and about 1500 example sentences in its one year project “Beyond the Core: A Pilot Project on Cataloging Grammatical Constructions and Multiword Expressions in English” supported by the National Science Foundation. The project did not aim at building a full-fledged Construction Grammar, but the registry of English constructions created by this project, which is called Constructicon, provides a representative sample of the current coverage of English constructions (Lee-Goldman & Rhodes 2009). CxN Viewer is a search tool which I have developed for Constructicon and the tool shows its typical English constructions on the web browser. CxN Viewer is a web application consisting of HTML files and JavaScript codes. The tool is a useful program that will benefit researchers working with the data annotated within the framework of BFN. CxN Viewer is a unicode-compliant application, and it can deal with constructions of other languages such as Spanish.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Tools, systems, applications, Grammar and Syntax
Full paper A Search Tool for FrameNet Constructicon
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