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Title Evaluating the Impact of Phrase Recognition on Concept Tagging
Authors Pablo Mendes, Joachim Daiber, Rohana Rajapakse, Felix Sasaki and Christian Bizer
Abstract We have developed DBpedia Spotlight, a flexible concept tagging system that is able to annotate entities, topics and other terms in natural language text. The system starts by recognizing phrases to annotate in the input text, and subsequently disambiguates them to a reference knowledge base extracted from Wikipedia. In this paper we evaluate the impact of the phrase recognition step on the ability of the system to correctly reproduce the annotations of a gold standard in an unsupervised setting. We argue that a combination of techniques is needed, and we evaluate a number of alternatives according to an existing evaluation set.
Topics Information Extraction, Information Retrieval, Named Entity recognition, Word Sense Disambiguation
Full paper Evaluating the Impact of Phrase Recognition on Concept Tagging
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