Summary of the paper

Title Collaborative semantic editing of linked data lexica
Authors John McCrae, Elena Montiel-Ponsoda and Philipp Cimiano
Abstract The creation of language resources is a time-consuming process requiring the efforts of many people. The use of resources collaboratively created by non-linguistists can potentially ameliorate this situation. However, such resources often contain more errors compared to resources created by experts. For the particular case of lexica, we analyse the case of Wiktionary, a resource created along wiki principles and argue that through the use of a principled lexicon model, namely Lemon, the resulting data could be better understandable to machines. We then present a platform called Lemon Source that supports the creation of linked lexical data along the Lemon model. This tool builds on the concept of a semantic wiki to enable collaborative editing of the resources by many users concurrently. In this paper, we describe the model, the tool and present an evaluation of its usability based on a small group of users.
Topics Lexicon, lexical database, Semantic Web, Ontologies
Full paper Collaborative semantic editing of linked data lexica
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