Summary of the paper

Title The Herme Database of Spontaneous Multimodal Human-Robot Dialogues
Authors Jing Guang Han, Emer Gilmartin, Celine DeLooze, Brian Vaughan and Nick Campbell
Abstract This paper presents methodologies and tools for language resource (LR) construction. It describes a database of interactive speech collected over a three-month period at the Science Gallery in Dublin, where visitors could take part in a conversation with a robot. The system collected samples of informal, chatty dialogue -- normally difficult to capture under laboratory conditions for human-human dialogue, and particularly so for human-machine interaction. The conversations were based on a script followed by the robot consisting largely of social chat with some task-based elements. The interactions were audio-visually recorded using several cameras together with microphones. As part of the conversation the participants were asked to sign a consent form giving permission to use their data for human-machine interaction research. The multimodal corpus will be made available to interested researchers and the technology developed during the three-month exhibition is being extended for use in education and assisted-living applications.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Dialogue, Tools, systems, applications
Full paper The Herme Database of Spontaneous Multimodal Human-Robot Dialogues
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