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Title The IULA Treebank
Authors Montserrat Marimon, Beatríz Fisas, Núria Bel, Marta Villegas, Jorge Vivaldi, Sergi Torner, Mercè Lorente, Silvia Vázquez and Marta Villegas
Abstract This paper describes on-going work for the construction of a new treebank for Spanish, The IULA Treebank. This new resource will contain about 60,000 richly annotated sentences as an extension of the already existing IULA Technical Corpus which is only PoS tagged. In this paper we have focused on describing the work done for defining the annotation process and the treebank design principles. We report on how the used framework, the DELPH-IN processing framework, has been crucial in the design principles and in the bootstrapping strategy followed, especially in what refers to the use of stochastic modules for reducing parsing overgeneration. We also report on the different evaluation experiments carried out to guarantee the quality of the already available results.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.)
Full paper The IULA Treebank
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