Summary of the paper

Title Collection of a Large Database of French-English SMT Output Corrections
Authors Marion Potet, Emmanuelle Esperança-Rodier, Laurent Besacier and Hervé Blanchon
Abstract Corpus-based approaches to machine translation (MT) rely on the availability of parallel corpora. To produce user-acceptable translation outputs, such systems need high quality data to be efficiency trained, optimized and evaluated. However, building high quality dataset is a relatively expensive task. In this paper, we describe the data collection and analysis of a large database of 10.881 SMT translation output hypotheses manually corrected. These post-editions were collected using Amazon's Mechanical Turk, following some ethical guidelines. A complete analysis of the collected data pointed out a high quality of the corrections with more than 87 % of the collected post-editions that improve hypotheses and more than 94 % of the crowdsourced post-editions which are at least of professional quality. We also post-edited 1,500 gold-standard reference translations (of bilingual parallel corpora generated by professional) and noticed that 72 % of these translations needed to be corrected during post-edition. We computed a proximity measure between the differents kind of translations and pointed out that reference translations are as far from the hypotheses than from the corrected hypotheses (i.e. the post-editions). In light of these last findings, we discuss the adequation of text-based generated reference translations to train setence-to-sentence based SMT systems.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Machine Translation, SpeechToSpeech Translation
Full paper Collection of a Large Database of French-English SMT Output Corrections
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