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Title Creation and use of Language Resources in a Question-Answering eHealth System
Authors Ulrich Andersen, Anna Braasch, Lina Henriksen, Csaba Huszka, Anders Johannsen, Lars Kayser, Bente Maegaard, Ole Norgaard, Stefan Schulz and Jürgen Wedekind
Abstract ESICT (Experience-oriented Sharing of health knowledge via Information and Communication Technology) is an ongoing research project funded by the Danish Council for Strategic Research. It aims at developing a health/disease related information system based on information technology, language technology, and formalized medical knowledge. The formalized medical knowledge consists partly of the terminology database SNOMED CT and partly of authorized medical texts on the domain. The system will allow users to ask questions in Danish and will provide natural language answers. Currently, the project is pursuing three basically different methods for question answering, and they are all described to some extent in this paper. A system prototype will handle questions related to diabetes and heart diseases. This paper concentrates on the methods employed for question answering and the language resources that are utilized. Some resources were existing, such as SNOMED CT, others, such as a corpus of sample questions, have had to be created or constructed.
Topics Question Answering, Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Information Extraction, Information Retrieval
Full paper Creation and use of Language Resources in a Question-Answering eHealth System
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