Summary of the paper

Title In the same boat and other idiomatic seafaring expressions
Authors Rita Marinelli and Laura Cignoni
Abstract This paper reports on a research carried out at the Institute for Computational Linguistics (ILC) on a set of idiomatic nautical expressions in Italian and English. A total of 200 Italian expressions were first selected and examined, using both monolingual and bilingual dictionaries, as well as specific lexicographical works dealing with the subject of idiomaticity, especially of the maritime type, and a similar undertaking was then conducted for the English expressions. We discuss the possibility of including both the Italian and English idiomatic expressions in the semantic database Mariterm, which contains terms belonging to the maritime domain. We describe the terminological database and the way in which the idiomatic expressions can be organised within the system, so that, similarly to the other synsets, they are connected to other concepts represented in the database, but at the same time continue to belong to a group of particular linguistic expressions. Furthermore, we study similarities and differences in meaning and usage of some idiomatic expressions in the two languages.
Topics Lexicon, lexical database, Semantics, Machine Translation, SpeechToSpeech Translation
Full paper In the same boat and other idiomatic seafaring expressions
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