Summary of the paper

Title Recent Developments in CLARIN-NL
Authors Jan Odijk
Abstract In this paper we describe recent developments in the CLARIN-NL project with the goal of sharing information on and experiences in this project with the community outside of the Netherlands. We discuss a variety of subprojects to actually implement the infrastructure, to provide functionality for search in metadata and the actual data, resource curation and demonstration projects, the Data Curation Service, actions to improve semantic interoperability and coordinate work on it, involvement of CLARIN Data Providers, education and training, outreach activities, and cooperation with other projects. Based on these experiences, we provide some recommendations for related projects. The recommendations concern a variety of topics including the organisation of an infrastructure project as a function of the types of tasks that have to be carried out, involvement of the targeted users, metadata, semantic interoperability and the role of registries, measures to maximally ensure sustainability, and cooperation with similar projects in other countries.
Topics LR national/international projects, organizational/policy issues, LR Infrastructures and Architectures, Web Services
Full paper Recent Developments in CLARIN-NL
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