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Title HamleDT: To Parse or Not to Parse?
Authors Daniel Zeman, David Mareček, Martin Popel, Loganathan Ramasamy, Jan Štěpánek, Zdeněk Žabokrtský and Jan Hajič
Abstract We propose HamleDT ― HArmonized Multi-LanguagE Dependency Treebank. HamleDT is a compilation of existing dependency treebanks (or dependency conversions of other treebanks), transformed so that they all conform to the same annotation style. While the license terms prevent us from directly redistributing the corpora, most of them are easily acquirable for research purposes. What we provide instead is the software that normalizes tree structures in the data obtained by the user from their original providers.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Grammar and Syntax, Evaluation methodologies
Full paper HamleDT: To Parse or Not to Parse?
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