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Title A PropBank for Portuguese: the CINTIL-PropBank
Authors António Branco, Catarina Carvalheiro, Sílvia Pereira, Sara Silveira, João Silva, Sérgio Castro and João Graça
Abstract With the CINTIL-International Corpus of Portuguese, an ongoing corpus annotated with fully flegded grammatical representation, sentences get not only a high level of lexical, morphological and syntactic annotation but also a semantic analysis that prepares the data to a manual specification step and thus opens the way for a number of tools and resources for which there is a great research focus at the present. This paper reports on the construction of a propbank that builds on CINTIL-DeepGramBank, with nearly 10 thousand sentences, on the basis of a deep linguistic grammar and on the process and the linguistic criteria guiding that construction, which makes possible to obtain a complete PropBank with both syntactic and semantic levels of linguistic annotation. Taking into account this and the promising scores presented in this study for inter-annotator agreement, CINTIL-PropBank presents itself as a great resource to train a semantic role labeller, one of our goals with this project.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Semantics, Grammar and Syntax
Full paper A PropBank for Portuguese: the CINTIL-PropBank
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