Summary of the paper

Title Wordnet Based Lexicon Grammar for Polish
Authors Zygmunt Vetulani
Abstract In the paper we present a long-term on-going project of a lexicon-grammar of Polish. It is based on our former research focusing mainly on morphological dictionaries, text understanding and related tools. By Lexicon Grammars we mean grammatical formalisms which are based on the idea that sentence is the fundamental unit of meaning and that grammatical information should be closely related to words. Organization of the grammatical knowledge into a lexicon results in a powerful NLP tool, particularly well suited to support heuristic parsing. The project is inspired by the achievements of Maurice Gross, Kazimierz Polanski and George Miller. We present the actual state of the project of a wordnet-like lexical network PolNet with particular emphasis on its verbal component, now being converted into the kernel of a lexicon grammar for Polish. We present various aspects of PolNet development and validation within the POLINT-112-SMS project. The reader is precisely informed on the current stage of the project.
Topics Lexicon, lexical database, Grammar and Syntax, MultiWord Expressions & Collocations
Full paper Wordnet Based Lexicon Grammar for Polish
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