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Title An Oral History Annotation Tool for INTER-VIEWs
Authors Henk van den Heuvel, Eric Sanders, Robin Rutten, Stef Scagliola and Paula Witkamp
Abstract We present a web-based tool for retrieving and annotating audio fragments of e.g. interviews. Our collection contains 250 interviews with veterans of Dutch conflicts and military missions. The audio files of the interviews were disclosed using ASR technology focussed at keyword retrieval. Resulting transcripts were stored in a MySQL database together with metadata, summary texts, and keywords, and carefully indexed. Retrieved fragments can be made audible and annotated. Annotations can be kept personal or be shared with other users. The tool and formats comply with CLARIN standards. A demo version of the tool is available at
Topics Tools, systems, applications, Web Services
Full paper An Oral History Annotation Tool for INTER-VIEWs
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