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Title “Vreselijk mooi!” (terribly beautiful): A Subjectivity Lexicon for Dutch Adjectives.
Authors Tom De Smedt and Walter Daelemans
Abstract We present a new open source subjectivity lexicon for Dutch adjectives. The lexicon is a dictionary of 1,100 adjectives that occur frequently in online product reviews, manually annotated with polarity strength, subjectivity and intensity, for each word sense. We discuss two machine learning methods (using distributional extraction and synset relations) to automatically expand the lexicon to 5,500 words. We evaluate the lexicon by comparing it to the user-given star rating of online product reviews. We show promising results in both in-domain and cross-domain evaluation. The lexicon is publicly available as part of the PATTERN software package (
Topics Emotion Recognition/Generation, Lexicon, lexical database, Document Classification, Text categorisation
Full paper “Vreselijk mooi!” (terribly beautiful): A Subjectivity Lexicon for Dutch Adjectives.
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