Summary of the paper

Title PoliMorf: a (not so) new open morphological dictionary for Polish
Authors Marcin Woliński, Marcin Miłkowski, Maciej Ogrodniczuk and Adam Przepiórkowski
Abstract This paper presents preliminary results of an effort aiming at the creation of a morphological dictionary of Polish, PoliMorf, available under a very liberal BSD-style license. The dictionary is a result of a merger of two existing resources, SGJP and Morfologik and was prepared within the CESAR/META-NET initiative. The work completed so far includes re-licensing of the two dictionaries and filling the new resource with the morphological data semi-automatically unified from both sources. The merging process is controlled by the collaborative dictionary development web application Kuźnia, also implemented within the project. The tool involves several advanced features such as using SGJP inflectional patterns for form generation, possibility of attaching dictionary labels and classification schemes to lexemes, dictionary source record and change tracking. Since SGJP and Morfologik are already used in a significant number of Natural Language Processing projects in Poland, we expect PoliMorf to become the Polish morphological dictionary of choice for many years to come.
Topics Morphology, Lexicon, lexical database, LR national/international projects, organizational/policy issues
Full paper PoliMorf: a (not so) new open morphological dictionary for Polish
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