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Title Towards a richer wordnet representation of properties
Authors Sanni Nimb and Bolette Sandford Pedersen
Abstract This paper discusses how information on properties in a currently developed Danish thesaurus can be transferred to the Danish wordnet, DanNet, and in this way enrich the wordnet with the highly relevant links between properties and their external arguments (i.e. tasty ― food). In spite of the fact that the thesaurus is still under development (two thirds still to be compiled) we perform an automatic transfer of relations from the thesaurus to the wordnet which shows promising results. In all, 2,362 property relations are automatically transferred to DanNet and 2% of the transferred material is manually validated. The pilot validation indicates that approx. 90 % of the transferred relations are correctly assigned whereas around 10% are either erroneous or just not very informative, a fact which, however, can partly be explained by the incompleteness of the material at its current stage. As a further consequence, the experiment has led to a richer specification of the editor guidelines to be used in the last compilation phase of the thesaurus.
Topics Lexicon, lexical database, Semantics, Other
Full paper Towards a richer wordnet representation of properties
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