Summary of the paper

Title Making Ellipses Explicit in Dependency Conversion for a German Treebank
Authors Wolfgang Seeker and Jonas Kuhn
Abstract We present a carefully designed dependency conversion of the German phrase-structure treebank TiGer that explicitly represents verb ellipses by introducing empty nodes into the tree. Although the conversion process uses heuristics like many other conversion tools we designed them to fail if no reasonable solution can be found. The failing of the conversion process makes it possible to detect elliptical constructions where the head is missing, but it also allows us to find errors in the original annotation. We discuss the conversion process and the heuristics, and describe some design decisions and error corrections that we applied to the corpus. Since most of today's data-driven dependency parsers are not able to handle empty nodes directly during parsing, our conversion tool also derives a canonical dependency format without empty nodes. It is shown experimentally to be well suited for training statistical dependency parsers by comparing the performance of two parsers from different parsing paradigms on the data set of the CoNLL 2009 Shared Task data and our corpus.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Parsing, Tools, systems, applications
Full paper Making Ellipses Explicit in Dependency Conversion for a German Treebank
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