Summary of the paper

Title A French Fairy Tale Corpus syntactically and semantically annotated
Authors Ismaïl El Maarouf and Jeanne Villaneau
Abstract Fairy tales, folktales and more generally children stories have lately attracted the Natural Language Processing (NLP) community. As such, very few corpora exist and linguistic resources are lacking. The work presented in this paper aims at filling this gap by presenting a syntactically and semantically annotated corpus. It focuses on the linguistic analysis of a Fairy Tales Corpus, and provides the description of the syntactic and semantic resources developed for Information Extraction. Resources include syntactic dependency relation annotation for 120 verbs; referential annotation, which is concerned with annotating each anaphoric occurrence and Proper Name with the most specific noun in the text; ontology matching for a substantial part of the nouns in the corpus; semantic role labelling for 41 verbs using the FrameNet database. The article also sums up previous analyses of this corpus and indicates possible uses of this corpus for the NLP community.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Semantics, Ontologies
Full paper A French Fairy Tale Corpus syntactically and semantically annotated
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