Summary of the paper

Title Automatic classification of German """"an"""" particle verbs
Authors Sylvia Springorum, Sabine Schulte im Walde and Antje Roßdeutscher
Abstract The current study works at the interface of theoretical and computational linguistics to explore the semantic properties of an particle verbs, i.e., German particle verbs with the particle an. Based on a thorough analysis of the particle verbs from a theoretical point of view, we identified empirical features and performed an automatic semantic classification. A focus of the study was on the mutual profit of theoretical and empirical perspectives with respect to salient semantic properties of the an particle verbs: (a) how can we transform the theoretical insights into empirical, corpus-based features, (b) to what extent can we replicate the theoretical classification by a machine learning approach, and (c) can the computational analysis in turn deepen our insights to the semantic properties of the particle verbs? The best classification result of 70% correct class assignments was reached through a GermaNet-based generalization of direct object nouns plus a prepositional phrase feature. These particle verb features in combination with a detailed analysis of the results at the same time confirmed and enlarged our knowledge about salient properties.
Topics Semantics, Lexicon, lexical database, Validation of LRs
Full paper Automatic classification of German """"an"""" particle verbs
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