Summary of the paper

Title Representing the Translation Relation in a Bilingual Wordnet
Authors Jyrki Niemi and Krister Lindén
Abstract This paper describes representing translations in the Finnish wordnet, FinnWordNet (FiWN), and constructing the FiWN database. FiWN was created by translating all the word senses of the Princeton WordNet (PWN) into Finnish and by joining the translations with the semantic and lexical relations of PWN extracted into a relational (database) format. The approach naturally resulted in a translation relation between PWN and FiWN. Unlike many other multilingual wordnets, the translation relation in FiWN is not primarily on the synset level, but on the level of an individual word sense, which allows more precise translation correspondences. This can easily be projected into a synset-level translation relation, used for linking with other wordnets, for example, via Core WordNet. Synset-level translations are also used as a default in the absence of word-sense translations. The FiWN data in the relational database can be converted to other formats. In the PWN database format, translations are attached to source-language words, allowing the implementation of a Web search interface also working as a bilingual dictionary. Another representation encodes the translation relation as a finite-state transducer.
Topics Lexicon, lexical database, Multilinguality, Tools, systems, applications
Full paper Representing the Translation Relation in a Bilingual Wordnet
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