Summary of the paper

Title Polaris: Lymba's Semantic Parser
Authors Dan Moldovan and Eduardo Blanco
Abstract Semantic representation of text is key to text understanding and reasoning. In this paper, we present Polaris, Lymba's semantic parser. Polaris is a supervised semantic parser that given text extracts semantic relations. It extracts relations from a wide variety of lexico-syntactic patterns, including verb-argument structures, noun compounds and others. The output can be provided in several formats: XML, RDF triples, logic forms or plain text, facilitating interoperability with other tools. Polaris is implemented using eight separate modules. Each module is explained and a detailed example of processing using a sample sentence is provided. Overall results using a benchmark are discussed. Per module performance, including errors made and pruned by each module are also analyzed.
Topics Semantics, Tools, systems, applications, Knowledge Discovery/Representation
Full paper Polaris: Lymba's Semantic Parser
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