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Title A Tool for Extracting Conversational Implicatures
Authors Marta Tatu and Dan Moldovan
Abstract Explicitly conveyed knowledge represents only a portion of the information communicated by a text snippet. Automated mechanisms for deriving explicit information exist; however, the implicit assumptions and default inferences that capture our intuitions about a normal interpretation of a communication remain hidden for automated systems, despite the communication participants' ease of grasping the complete meaning of the communication. In this paper, we describe a reasoning framework for the automatic identification of conversational implicatures conveyed by real-world English and Arabic conversations carried via Our system transforms given utterances into deep semantic logical forms. It produces a variety of axioms that identify lexical connections between concepts, define rules of combining semantic relations, capture common-sense world knowledge, and encode Grice's Conversational Maxims. By exploiting this rich body of knowledge and reasoning within the context of the conversation, our system produces entailments and implicatures conveyed by analyzed utterances with an F-measure of 70.42% for English conversations.
Topics Discourse annotation, representation and processing, Knowledge Discovery/Representation, Dialogue
Full paper A Tool for Extracting Conversational Implicatures
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