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Title Grammatical Error Annotation for Korean Learners of Spoken English
Authors Hongsuck Seo, Kyusong Lee, Gary Geunbae Lee, Soo-Ok Kweon and Hae-Ri Kim
Abstract The goal of our research is to build a grammatical error-tagged corpus for Korean learners of Spoken English dubbed Postech Learner Corpus. We collected raw story-telling speech from Korean university students. Transcription and annotation using the Cambridge Learner Corpus tagset were performed by six Korean annotators fluent in English. For the annotation of the corpus, we developed an annotation tool and a validation tool. After comparing human annotation with machine-recommended error tags, unmatched errors were rechecked by a native annotator. We observed different characteristics between the spoken language corpus built in this study and an existing written language corpus.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Grammar and Syntax, Other
Full paper Grammatical Error Annotation for Korean Learners of Spoken English
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