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Title WebAnnotator, an Annotation Tool for Web Pages
Authors Xavier Tannier
Abstract This article presents WebAnnotator, a new tool for annotating Web pages. WebAnnotator is implemented as a Firefox extension, allowing annotation of both offline and inline pages. The HTML rendering fully preserved and all annotations consist in new HTML spans with specific styles. WebAnnotator provides an easy and general-purpose framework and is made available under CeCILL free license (close to GNU GPL), so that use and further contributions are made simple. All parts of an HTML document can be annotated: text, images, videos, tables, menus, etc. The annotations are created by simply selecting a part of the document and clicking on the relevant type and subtypes. The annotated elements are then highlighted in a specific color. Annotation schemas can be defined by the user by creating a simple DTD representing the types and subtypes that must be highlighted. Finally, annotations can be saved (HTML with highlighted parts of documents) or exported (in a machine-readable format).
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Tools, systems, applications, Evaluation methodologies
Full paper WebAnnotator, an Annotation Tool for Web Pages
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