Summary of the paper

Title Smooth Sailing for STEVIN
Authors Peter Spyns and Elisabeth D'Halleweyn
Abstract In this paper we report on the past evaluation of the STEVIN programme in the field of Human Language Technology for Dutch (HLTD). STEVIN was a 11.4 M euro programme that was jointly organised and financed by the Flemish and Dutch governments. The aim was to provide academia and industry with basic building blocks for a linguistic infrastructure for the Dutch language. An independent evaluation has been carried out. The evaluators concluded that the most important targets of the STEVIN programme have been achieved to a very high extent. In this paper, we summarise the context, the evaluation method, the resulting resources and the highlights of the STEVIN final evaluation.
Topics LR national/international projects, organizational/policy issues, LR Infrastructures and Architectures, Other
Full paper Smooth Sailing for STEVIN
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