Summary of the paper

Title Using DiAML and ANVIL for multimodal dialogue annotations
Authors Harry Bunt, Michael Kipp and Volha Petukhova
Abstract This paper shows how interoperable dialogue act annotations, using the multidimensional annotation scheme and the markup language DiAML of ISO standard 24617-2, can conveniently be obtained using the newly implemented facility in the ANVIL annotation tool to produce XML-based output directly in the DiAML format. ANVIL offers the use of multiple user-defined `tiers' for annotating various kinds of information. This is shown to be convenient not only for multimodal information but also for dialogue act annotation according to ISO standard 24617-2 because of the latter's multidimensionality: functional dialogue segments are viewed as expressing one or more dialogue acts, and every dialogue act belongs to one of a number of dimensions of communication, defined in the standard, for each of which a different ANVIL tier can conveniently be used. Annotations made in the multi-tier interface can be exported in the ISO 24617-2 format, thus supporting the creation of interoperable annotated corpora of multimodal dialogue.
Topics Dialogue, Standards for LRs, Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.)
Full paper Using DiAML and ANVIL for multimodal dialogue annotations
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