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Title Creating a Coreference Resolution System for Polish
Authors Mateusz Kopeć and Maciej Ogrodniczuk
Abstract Although the availability of the natural language processing tools and the development of metrics to evaluate them increases, there is a certain gap to fill in that field for the less-resourced languages, such as Polish. Therefore the projects which are designed to extend the existing tools for diverse languages are the best starting point for making these languages more and more covered. This paper presents the results of the first attempt of the co\-re\-fe\-rence resolution for Polish using statistical methods. It presents the conclusions from the process of adapting the Beautiful Anaphora Resolution Toolkit (BART; a system primarily designed for the English language) for Polish and collates its evaluation results with those of the previously implemented rule-based system. Finally, we describe our plans for the future usage of the tool and highlight the upcoming research to be conducted, such as the experiments of a larger scale and the comparison with other machine learning tools.
Topics Anaphora, Coreference, Statistical and machine learning methods, Tools, systems, applications
Full paper Creating a Coreference Resolution System for Polish
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