Summary of the paper

Title Matching Cultural Heritage items to Wikipedia
Authors Eneko Agirre, Ander Barrena, Oier Lopez de Lacalle, Aitor Soroa, Samuel Fernando and Mark Stevenson
Abstract Digitised Cultural Heritage (CH) items usually have short descriptions and lack rich contextual information. Wikipedia articles, on the contrary, include in-depth descriptions and links to related articles, which motivate the enrichment of CH items with information from Wikipedia. In this paper we explore the feasibility of finding matching articles in Wikipedia for a given Cultural Heritage item. We manually annotated a random sample of items from Europeana, and performed a qualitative and quantitative study of the issues and problems that arise, showing that each kind of CH item is different and needs a nuanced definition of what ``matching article'' means. In addition, we test a well-known wikification (aka entity linking) algorithm on the task. Our results indicate that a substantial number of items can be effectively linked to their corresponding Wikipedia article.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Digital libraries, Semantics
Full paper Matching Cultural Heritage items to Wikipedia
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