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Title ELRA’s Services 15 Years on...Sharing and Anticipating the Community
Authors Victoria Arranz and Khalid Choukri
Abstract 15 years have gone by and ELRA continues embracing the needs of the HLT community to design its services and to implement them through its operational body, ELDA. The needs of the community have become much more ambitious...Larger language resources (LR), better quality ones (how do we reach a compromise between price ― maybe free ― and quality?), more annotations, at different levels and for different modalities...easy access to these LRs and solved IPR issues, appropriate and adaptable licensing schemas...large activity in HLT evaluation, both in terms of setting up the evaluation and in helping produce all necessary data, protocols, specifications as well as conducting the whole process...producing the LRs researchers and developers need, LRs for a wide variety of activities and technologies...for development, for training, for evaluation...Disseminating all knowledge in the field, whether generated at ELRA or elsewhere...keeping the community up to date with what goes on regularly (LREC conferences, LangTech, Newsletters, HLT Evaluation Portal, etc.). Needless to say, part of ELRA’s evolution implies facing and anticipating the realities of the new Internet and data exchange era and remaining a LR backbone...looking into new models of LR data centres and platforms, LR access and exchange via web services, new models for infrastructures and repositories with even higher collaboration to make it happen. ELRA/ELDA participate in a number of international projects focused on this new production and sharing schema that will be detailed in the current paper.
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Full paper ELRA’s Services 15 Years on...Sharing and Anticipating the Community
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