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Title Exploiting Scope for Shallow Discourse Parsing
Authors Rashmi Prasad, Aravind Joshi and Bonnie Webber
Abstract We present an approach to automatically identifying the arguments of discourse connectives based on data from the Penn Discourse Treebank. Of the two arguments of connectives, called Arg1 and Arg2, we focus on Arg1, which has proven more challenging to identify. Our approach employs a sentence-based representation of arguments, and distinguishes ""intra-sentential connectives"", which take both their arguments in the same sentence, from ""inter-sentential connectives"", whose arguments are found in different sentences. The latter are further distinguished by paragraph position into ""ParaInit"" connectives, which appear in a paragraph-initial sentence, and ""ParaNonInit"" connectives, which appear elsewhere. The paper focusses on predicting Arg1 of Inter-sentential ParaNonInit connectives, presenting a set of scope-based filters that reduce the search space for Arg1 from all the previous sentences in the paragraph to a subset of them. For cases where these filters do not uniquely identify Arg1, coreference-based heuristics are employed. Our analysis shows an absolute 3% performance improvement over the high baseline of 83.3% for identifying Arg1 of Inter-sentential ParaNonInit connectives.
Topics Discourse annotation, representation and processing, Text mining, Information Extraction, Information Retrieval
Full paper Exploiting Scope for Shallow Discourse Parsing
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