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Title Flexible Ontology Population from Text: The OwlExporter
Authors René Witte, Ninus Khamis and Juergen Rilling
Abstract Ontology population from text is becoming increasingly important for NLP applications. Ontologies in OWL format provide for a standardized means of modeling, querying, and reasoning over large knowledge bases. Populated from natural language texts, they offer significant advantages over traditional export formats, such as plain XML. The development of text analysis systems has been greatly facilitated by modern NLP frameworks, such as the General Architecture for Text Engineering (GATE). However, ontology population is not currently supported by a standard component. We developed a GATE resource called the OwlExporter that allows to easily map existing NLP analysis pipelines to OWL ontologies, thereby allowing language engineers to create ontology population systems without requiring extensive knowledge of ontology APIs. A particular feature of our approach is the concurrent population and linking of a domainand NLP-ontology, including NLP-specific features such as safe reasoning over coreference chains.
Topics Ontologies, Semantic Web, Tools, systems, applications
Full paper Flexible Ontology Population from Text: The OwlExporter
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