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Title Concept Mentions within KDD-2009 Abstracts (kdd09cma1) Linked to a KDD Ontology (kddo1)
Authors Gabor Melli
Abstract We introduce the kddo1 ontology and semantically annotated kdd09cma1 corpus from the field of knowledge discovery in database (KDD) research. The corpus is based on the abstracts for the papers accepted into the KDD-2009 conference. Each abstract has its concept mentions identified and, where possible, linked to the appropriate concept in the ontology. The ontology is based on a human generated and readable semantic wiki focused on concepts and relationships for the domain along with other related topics, papers and researchers from information sciences. To our knowledge this is the first ontology and interlinked corpus for a subdiscipline within computing science. The dataset enables the evaluation of supervised approaches to semantic annotation of documents that contain a large number of high-level concepts relative the number of named entity mentions. We plan to continue to evolve the ontology based on the discovered relations within the corpus and to extend the corpus to cover other research paper abstracts from the domain. Both resources are publicly available at
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Discourse annotation, representation and processing, Knowledge Discovery/Representation
Full paper Concept Mentions within KDD-2009 Abstracts (kdd09cma1) Linked to a KDD Ontology (kddo1)
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