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Title A Syntactic Lexicon for Arabic Verbs
Authors Noureddine Loukil, Kais Haddar and Abdelmajid Benhamadou
Abstract In this paper, we present a modeling of a syntactic lexicon for Arabic verbs. The structure of the lexicon is based on the recently introduced ISO standard called the Lexical Markup Framework. This standard enables us to describe the lexical information in a versatile way using general guidelines and make possible to share the resources developed in compliance with it. We discuss the syntactic information associated to verbs and the model we propose to structure and represent the entries within the lexicon. To study the usability of the lexicon in a real application, we designed a rule-based system that translates a LMF syntactic resource into Type Description Language compliant resource. The rules are mapping information from LMF entries and types to TDL types. The generated lexicon is used as input for a previously written HPSG grammar for Arabic built within the Language Knowledge Builder platform. Finally, we discuss improvements in parsing results and possible perspectives of this work.
Topics Lexicon, lexical database, Language modelling, Evaluation methodologies
Full paper A Syntactic Lexicon for Arabic Verbs
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